Digital Menu
for restaurants and hotels

Inform your guests or customers about your products and services safely, without coming into contact with printed material.

Take your services to the next level with Online Ordering and Call Waiter features.

DigiMenu PWA

food ordering system

via QR Code
no app download required

Why DigiMenu

Through DigiApp platform you are able to transform your paper MENU to digital and present it to your customers via QR scan.

The system offers online ordering for the customer's convenience for Dine in or Delivery, Self pick up, Table reservation and Waiter call function.

DigiMenu is based on an Administration backend that has been created with the ease of updating its content.

It extracts in a modern digital Menu that aims at the ideal and contactless presentation of your products and the best service to your customers.

During the pandemic, DigiMenu offers peace of mind around health and safety concerns to diners and staff. It limits hand contact and avoids sharing paper menus.

You choose the content

DigiApp is fully adjustable upon the needs and style of your business 

Digital MENU and Self-Ordering system for hotel guests and restaurant customers
Combine QR MENU for your store and order Delivery without fees, through ONE single application!

A picture is worth a thousand words! Present to your customers your products and help them choose what they really want.

Ordering from the customer's location (table, room, etc.) through his mobile device with safety without fees.

Call waiter directly from the table without additional equipment!

The Menu automatically adjusts to your client's language 

Anonymous messages from your customers in real time indicates what they think about your services and products.

Adressed to
Digital Guide for Αccommodation

Create your own digital consigliere to your accommodation and help your guests feel at home.

Get rid of the notes you left to your visitors. The instructions for the room are now in digital form on their mobile.

Make recommendations to your visitors and give them insightful tips on how to have a pleasant time in their stay.




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Digital Catalog for businesses

Do you own a store with services and you need to convert your paper material to digital?

Add your services with photos and detailed descriptions

Promote your products and combine them with the services you provide.

Convert the catalog to an e-shop and use it with take away and delivery options!

Find out what customers think about your services and products

Adressed to

Πλεονεκτήματα DigiApp

Upgrade your customer's experience!


Take advantage of the automatic translation feature and easily serve your visitors from all over the world.


What do your customers think about your products and services?

Give them the opportunity to express their opinion privately to your email.


Each photo helps the customer to easily choose exactly what he wants.


See in detail the traffic of the application and extract useful conclusions for the improvement of your services.

Dynamic content

You have control of your Menu 24/7, from wherever you are.

You can change its content yourself, without reprints and further cost.

Reduce cost

Upgrade the green profile of your business.

Each customer keeps your Menu on their device and your business will save money on re-printing costs.



The DigiApp platform is constantly being upgraded, adding innovative promotional services to your products.

How it is projected

Easily through...

Your customers scan the QR Code they will find on the table and your Menu opens on their mobile.


Your customers connect to your Wifi and view your Menu on their mobile.


Provide your customers with a tablet through which they can view your Menu.


Add the DigiApp link to your site or anywhere else that its convenient to you (Facebook, Tripadvisor etc.)

We support you

We have a passion for our product and we want you to get it too. We want you to experience the freedom of expression offered by digital technology via the DigiApp platform and "talk" to your customers through it, earning smiles.

That is why we are always by your side.




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  • φωτογραφίες προϊόντων
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  • υποστήριξη 24/7

They mentioned about us

DigiApp untied our hands. We are faster in serving our customers and we have increased our sales per table.

Haris Giakoumatos

Butterfly Bar Owner
Professional collaboration on a fully customizable and functional application

Chris Bibikas

Piatsa Paros Restaurant Owner
There are many digital menus. However, you do not find such after sales support easily.

Antonis Margaritakis

Avdou Manager

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